Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed money is money submitted by banks to BDCB which have had no activity (deposit and withdrawal) for at least 6 years. However, only money amounting to above BND100 is submitted.

Owners of the money may claim their money from BDCB by writing and providing documents as proof of ownership.**

*This is according to Part XI (Section 69 to 92) under the Banking Order, 2006 and Islamic Banking Order, 2008.

**Please refer to List of Documents required.

Steps to follow to claim Unclaimed Money

Should your name be listed in the List of Unclaimed Money (by banks), kindly follow these steps:

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Check with your bank

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Obtain a Letter of Certification from your bank (if necessary)

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Prepare all documents

Click here for the necessary documents

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Download, print and complete related forms

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Submit documents to BDCB to make your claim at banking[dot]ucb[at]bdcb[dot]gov[dot]bn


List of Unclaimed Money

Find out if you are eligible to claim Unclaimed Money.