Expression of Interest

Any company that intends to establish a presence in Brunei Darussalam to conduct and offer regulated financial service activities is required to undergo the Expression of Interest (EOI) screening process conducted by BDCB as a prerequisite before formally applying for a licence from BDCB.

Note: The EOI screening process does not serve as an indication of a successful licence application. It only serves as a preliminary assessment tool to help the company in its application process.

What types of financial service activities require a licence from BDCB?

The licence granted by BDCB will depend on the activities the company intends to carry out.

In general, BDCB regulates and supervises the following industries:

  • Banking
  • Finance companies
  • Takaful/insurance
  • Capital market
  • Specialised market
  • Payment system operators

For more information, please visit the Regulatory page and Fintech Office page.

How does the EOI process work?

The company is required to complete a Request for Information (RFI) form for BDCB to perform a preliminary assessment of the proposed business activity.

BDCB expects the company to have performed its due diligence and understand the legal and regulatory requirements prior to submitting its EOI. An engagement with an established law firm is highly encouraged to provide the company with proper advice in understanding Brunei Darussalam's legislation and regulations.

What can I expect during the EOI process?

Upon completing the preliminary assessment, BDCB may arrange a pre-application meeting with the company.

This meeting will allow the company to elaborate on the proposed business model and showcase its value proposition to Brunei Darussalam.

Are there any administrative charges that apply during the EOI process?

There are no administrative charges for submitting an EOI.

What happens if the company is rejected at any stage of the EOI process?

There is a cooling-off period of 3 months from the date of rejection.

It is highly recommended that interested companies enhance their due diligence and improve the respective value proposition prior to submitting the next round of EOI to BDCB.

Whom should I contact for EOI-related matters?

For EOI-related matters, please email