Brunei Dollar (BND) Monetary Framework

​​In 2017, BDCB introduced the averaging provision to the banks' reserve requirement, also known as Minimum Cash Balance (MCB) requirement, which provide banks flexibility in their liquidity management. BDCB also conducts monetary operations through the issuance of BDCB ​Islamic Bills (I-Bills) and Overnight Standing Facilities to ensure sufficient liquidity for the smooth functioning of the domestic banking system.

The design of the instruments and operations in relation to the Brunei Dollar (BND) Monetary Framework are strictly consistent with the Currency Board principles to support the monetary policy of the country.

Minimum Cash Balance (MCB)


The MCB requirement is applicable to banks licensed under the Banking Order, 2006 and Islamic Banking Order, 2008.

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Minimum Cash Balance Notice for Banks

Minimum Cash Balance Notice for Islamic Banks

Overnight Standing Facilities


The Overnight Standing Facilities are fundamental tools for effective and efficient liquidity management for the banks and the development of the domestic money market. The Facilities consist of Syariah-Compliant Funding and Acceptance Facilities, and Conventional Lending and Deposit Facilities.

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The Overnight Standing Facilities rates are determined by the Financial and Monetary Stability Committee (FMSC). The Committee meets monthly and is responsible for monitoring the risks present in the global and domestic financial and economic environment, and provides policy recommendations to BDCB's Board of Directors.

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Overnight Standing Facilities Rates

Conventional Overnight Standing Facilities Notice

Syariah-Compliant Overnight Standing Facilities Notices

Overnight Standing Facilities Technical Notes

BDCB Islamic Bills (BDCB I-Bills)

In 2020, BDCB introduced the BDCB I-Bills Programme which aims to build a benchmark yield curve, facilitate the development of other financial instruments in Brunei Darussalam, and widen the list of available money market instruments for BDCB and the domestic financial sector.

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BDCB I-Bills Brief Summary

BDCB I-Bills Issuance Calendar


Brunei Government Sukuk Al-Ijarah

BDCB, as the agent to the Government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, is responsible for the management and administration of the Brunei Darussalam Government Sukuk Al-Ijarah issuances. The objective of this programme is to develop the Brunei Darussalam Government securities yield curve as a benchmark for corporate sukuk, and provide a safe and liquid investment instrument for domestic financial institutions.

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Sukuk Al-Ijarah Brief Summary

Sukuk Al-Ijarah Issuance Calendar