Centralised Statistical System (CSS)


The CSS is a single online portal to collect data from all relevant stakeholders, including financial institutions regulated by BDCB, such as the banks, finance companies, insurance and takaful companies, Capital Markets Services Licence (CMSL) holders, money changers, money remittances and pawn brokers.

The CSS will streamline BDCB's internal and external data collection processes, as well as safeguard the quality, consistency and integrity of the data via automated validation checks. The automation of these processes will reduce turnaround time for data retrieval, collation, analysis and dissemination.

The CSS Portal can be found here.

For more information on returns submission, the manual in English version can be found here, and the Malay version can be found here.

Guide on Using the Centralised Statistical System

You may contact us for assistance or queries relating to the Centralised Statistical System.