BDCB Alert List

Brunei Darussalam Central Bank (BDCB) would like to alert the members of the public to a list of persons (i.e. companies and individuals) who, based on information available to BDCB at the time of publication, may be or may have been wrongly perceived as being licensed, authorised or regulated by BDCB.

This list is without prejudice to any further assessment by BDCB regarding the activities of the persons concerned.

Type of Activity


Date added to Alert List: 07 Jun 2024

Azmi Johari Brunei XM Trader

Date added to Alert List: 06 Mar 2024

Reno Loan Bn

Date added to Alert List: 06 Mar 2024

Brunei Investment Agency (FB profile) (allegedly misusing Brunei Investment Agency)

Date added to Alert List: 06 Mar 2024

Raibot Look Easy / Brunei Investment Company Limited

Date added to Alert List: 06 Mar 2024

Loan Syariah Brunei (FB profile) / Loan Syariah Online Brunei Trusted / Loan Syariah Online Brunei Darussalam / Personal Loan Online of Brunei Darussalam / Personal Loan Syariah (FB profile)


Total number of entities
(as of 07 Jun 2024)


Protection under the laws administered by BDCB is not applicable should the members of the public choose to deal with the illegal financial service providers.

Members of the public who participate in the illegal financial activities could also BE CHARGED under the law as abetting the operators of such illegal activities.

Any knowledge of potential illegal/ unlicensed financial activities being carried out in Brunei Darussalam should be forwarded to BDCB.

Should you fall prey to a financial scam, please report in to the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) at your nearest Police Station or call 993.