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Published Date: 24-06-2024

BDCB Alert List Update



JUNE 2024


Brunei Darussalam Central Bank (BDCB) would like to inform members of the public that the BDCB Alert List has been updated. 


The BDCB Alert List is a list of persons (i.e. companies and individuals) who, based on information available to BDCB at the time of publication, may be or may have been wrongly perceived as being licensed, authorised or regulated by BDCB. This list is without prejudice to any further assessment by BDCB regarding the activities of the persons concerned. 


BDCB would also like to inform the public that the following company or individual has been included in the Alert List for the month of June 2024: 


  1. Agent Alisya (Mariyah Alisya Maisarah) / 7265021
  2. Ahmin Brunei XM Trader / 7131468
  3. Azmi Johari Brunei XM Trader / 7144331 / 8992810
  4. GatewayMegaLendingLLC 
  5. Grand CapitalFX 
  6. Izzul Hsb Trader Bn / 8651830 / 8906521
  7. Orbi_global_limited / Orbi_glo / 8977432 / 7145990
  8. Public_loan_brunei
  9. Syarikat Azrah (FB profile) / 8317313
  10. 8807904


The BDCB Alert List can be found on the BDCB website.   


BDCB would like to remind the public to only deal with financial institutions licensed by BDCB, and to avoid any unlicensed companies or individuals carrying out or offering financial services, especially those with characteristics of get-rich-quick or pyramid schemes. Among the financial products and services that must be licensed by BDCB include money changer, money remittance and money lending. Members of the public are reminded that they will not have the protection under BDCB’s regulatory framework if they deal with companies or individuals which are unlicensed or unregulated. 


Members of the public may visit the BDCB website at @centralbank.brunei for more information on the dangers of unlicensed financial entities as well as on how to identify financial scams. 


BDCB remains committed to the financial stability of Brunei Darussalam and to safeguarding Brunei Darussalam's financial system and the interests of financial consumers. BDCB will also continue to actively monitor any suspicious or unlicensed financial activities in Brunei Darussalam. If the public has any information on unlicensed financial activities, please contact BDCB at 2380007 or 8380007 or email us at