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Published Date: 14-06-2024

Public Perception Survey (PPS) 2024 by BDCB


Brunei Darussalam Central Bank (BDCB) would like to inform members of the public that it will be conducting its first Public Perception Survey (PPS) 2024 from Wednesday, 19 June 2024 to Thursday, 4 July 2024.


The survey's objectives include understanding the public’s perception and understanding of the BDCB in terms of its roles and importance, gaining an overview of the BDCB's relationship with the public, measuring reputational indicators of familiarity, favourability, trust, and advocacy, and measuring the public’s perception of past communication efforts and initiatives.


The survey will measure five main indicators in gauging the public’s perception of BDCB’s level of engagement with them. These include:

Familiarity - refers to the public’s level of recognition of BDCB’s roles and responsibilities.
Favourability - refers to how positively the public views BDCB and its services.
Trust - refers to the public’s level of confidence and belief that BDCB will fulfil its roles and responsibilities with competence and integrity, and in the public’s best interest.
Advocacy - refers to the likelihood of the public speaking highly of BDCB.
Communications Efforts - refers to the public’s perception of how BDCB communicates with them.


This survey will allow BDCB to gain feedback and insights from the public on any communication gaps that can be addressed. The results gathered will also greatly assist in the formulation of relevant communication policies and strategies in the future.


The survey will be conducted online and will be available via BDCB’s official channels including the BDCB website at, and BDCB’s official social media platforms i.e. BDCB Instagram, @centralbank.brunei and BDCB LinkedIn.


Respondents are encouraged to provide honest and accurate feedback throughout the survey to support this initiative and achieve the best possible outcome.


BDCB would also like to share that all responses will be kept confidential. Further, BDCB will not collect any personal information except the following demographic data: gender, age group, ethnicity, district of residence, highest education level, and employment status and sector. As such, the public is advised to be wary of any surveys that may impersonate BDCB and attempt to collect personal and financial information beyond those stated above, such as bank account details, credit/debit card details, and so on.


The BDCB PPS 2024 can be accessed via the link


For any inquiries or further information regarding the BDCB PPS 2024, please contact BDCB at 8318388 or email at