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   Dispute Resolution 

In the unlikely event where you discover any error and decides to initiate investigation, you may request the Credit Bureau to initiate an Error Investigation by completing the Dispute Resolution Form within thirty (30) days from the Report Date.

HOW do I correct errors found in my credit report?


Upon receiving your SIR, you are advised to make sure that the information in your report is correct and up to date. If you believe there is an error in your report, you may register your dispute by following these steps:



  • Gather account statements and other documents related to your credit accounts in order to prove your claim.  

STEP 2 :

  • Seek clarification and guidance from your financial institutions about the error and its rectification.  In most cases, your financial institutions will be able to attend and address the discrepancy.

STEP 3 :

Please note: The Credit Bureau will only facilitate the investigation of the dispute with your respective financial institutions. As the financial institutions are the data provider to your personal information, depending on their feedback and input, it will take up to 2 to 4 weeks to resolve the dispute.
The Credit Bureau is not responsible for correcting wrong data as it only collects the information from all the data providers and consolidates it into a single report.  The Credit Bureau does not add or modify any information.  Therefore, any inaccurate data should be corrected by the data providers themselves.

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