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Takaful​ / Insurance Supervision​​​​​ 


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The Takaful/Insurance Unit (TIU) undertakes the registration, regulation and supervision of insurance, Takaful companies and their intermediaries.

Mission Statement:

"To effectively regulate and supervise insurance, Takaful companies and intermediaries for the protection of policyholders and to promote a sound and stable financial sector in Brunei Darussalam".


  • To contribute to a sound and stable insurance and Takaful industry in Brunei Darussalam
  • To protect policyholders from undue loss
  • To promote the transparent and fair treatment of consumers by insurers, Takaful companies and intermediaries
  • To promote market development of the insurance and Takaful industry in Brunei Darussalam​

Currently, the unit oversees the following legislations:

Insurance Order, 2006

Takaful Order, 2008

International Insurance and Takaful Order, 2002

Motor Vehicle Insurance (Third Party Risks) Act, Chapter 90