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Secretariat to the Syariah Financial Supervisory Board​​​​​


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The Syariah Financial Supervisory Board (SFSB) Order, 2006 came into force on 16 Zulhijjah 1426 corresponding to 17 January 2006.

It provides framework for the control of administration and business dealings of financial institutions concerning Islamic products and any Islamic financial matters including Islamic banking business, Takaful business, Islamic Financial business, Islamic development financial business and any other business relating to Syariah principles.

AMBD, through the Syariah Finance (SyaFi) Function is the Secretariat to the Syariah Financial Supervisory Supervisory Board (SFSB). SyaFi is also responsible in ensuring that Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs) businesses are in accordance to hukum Syara'.