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Corporate Services​​​​​​​


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Corporate Services Division consists of two units, namely Administration Unit and Accounts and Finance Unit. Administration Unit aims to provide quality services and administrative support for AMBD and its employees, and these include inventory management, logistic and event management, maintenance of building and vehicles, human resource management, human resource development, payroll management, Information Technology management and technical support services, etc.

As for the Accounts and Finance Unit, it aims to provide efficient services by putting in place the systems and procedures that safeguard the assets of AMBD. The unit is mainly responsible for the financial and accounting affairs of AMBD which includes the preparation of financial transactions and presentation of accounts as well as the provision of financial information for its management, cashflow management, handling of procurement, management of budget and forecast, managing the accounts of AMBD with International Financial Institutions, and compliance with statutory and other regulatory financial regulations and reporting requirements.​