1.       What is the Bank's Customer Satisfaction Survey (BCSS)?

The BCSS is issued by Bank Darussalam Central Bank (BDCB) in collaboration with the Brunei Association of Banks (BAB). This survey is part of BDCB's initiative to strengthen financial consumer protection. It aims to understand customers' experience with the banking services offered to them; gauge customer's understanding of bank's internal processes; and identify areas of improvement. The findings will assist BDCB and banks to better understand customers' needs and subsequently, develop relevant strategies moving forward. 

2.      Who are the participants of the survey?

Respondents are selected retail banks' customers of Baiduri Bank Berhad, Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) Berhad, Bank of China (Hongkong) Limited, Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank), RHB, Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) including Islamic trust fund, Perbadanan Tabung Amanah Islam Brunei Berhad (TAIB). Customers are chosen at random with the following criteria:

a) Aged 18-65; and

b) Maintains at least one bank account (including credit card account or loan/financing) or joint bank account. 

3.      How is the survey conducted?

The survey will be distributed by participating banks either to their walk-in customers or selected customers via SMS or email, whereby a specific link to access the survey will be provided. Customers may also be notified via phone call.  

4.     When is the survey conducted?

The BCSS is conducted from 3 January 2023 until 31 May 2023. 

5.      Upon receiving the link to the survey, how can I verify that the survey is legitimate/genuine?

You may refer directly to your bank to verify if you have been selected to participate in the survey. Alternatively, you may also contact BDCB at 2380007. 

6.     What is the role of the bank and BDCB in conducting the survey?

Banks are responsible for distributing the survey and subsequently, sharing feedback gathered from the survey to BDCB for analysis. 

7.      I am a less tech-savvy participant, who can help me to complete the survey?

You may seek assistance from your bank to access the survey link and complete the survey. 

8.     Is there an option to complete the survey in hardcopy?

You may contact your bank to seek if this option is available. 

9.     Are there any incentives for customers who participate in the survey?

A total of 224 respondents will receive souvenirs from BDCB, subject to full completion of the survey. Selection will be based on the first 32 responses received from each bank.​

Download Malay version here

Download English version here