​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Self-Inquiry Report (SIR)

Self-Inquiry Report (SIR) is basically your credit report that contains the detailed credit information that you have taken up, such as credit card, car, home, personal education financing, electric bill, telephone and internet subscription, from differen​t financial and non-financial institutions. Read More

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​Credit Information

The Credit Bureau collects comprehensive credit information (positive and negative)   on  individuals and commercial entities on a regular basis from the data providers on banking data and utility data. Read more


Bureau Credit Score

A Bureau Credit Score is a numerical expression to represent the odds or probability that a borrower will become a "bad payer", at a particular point in time that will help the banks and finance companies to assess the borrower's credit risk. Read More

Dispute Resolution

In the unlikely event where you discover any error and decides to initiate investigation, you may request the Credit Bureau to initiate an Error Investigation by completing the Dispute Resolution Form within thirty (30) days from the Report Date​. Read more