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AMBD’s Response to “Save families from loan sharks” Published on the Borneo Bulletin on Wednesday, 28th September 2016


AMBD's Response to

"Save families from loan sharks"

Published on the Borneo Bulletin on Wednesday, 28th September 2016


  1. Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam (AMBD) would like to thank 'Observer' on the letter titled 'Save families from loan sharks' published in the Borneo Bulletin dated 28th September 2016 and takes note of the writer's concern on the issue of loan sharks activities.
  2. AMBD would like to share that, in collaboration with different authorities and agencies, continue to work together to monitor and take appropriate actions on any illegal financial schemes, including unlicensed and unregulated money lenders.
  3. AMBD would like to encourage members of the public to be wary when approached by unlicensed and unregulated money lenders, and be aware of the risks associated with these services or any other similar services.
  4. On this note, AMBD would like to remind that if a consumer chooses to participate in financial services that are not regulated by AMBD, he or she will not have the protection afforded under the regulatory framework administered by AMBD. The list of persons/institutions licensed by AMBD may be obtained through the AMBD App, which can be downloaded free of charge on both 'App Store' for iPhone users and 'Google Playstore' for Android users; or visit AMBD's website at
  5. Should the writer, or any members of the public, wish to report the activities mentioned in the letter, or any schemes similar to it, please contact AMBD at; or call 2388388; or by visiting AMBD, Level 7, Ministry of Finance Building, Commonwealth Drive, BB3910, Brunei Darussalam.


Corporate Communication Unit

Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam